iPad EPOS Software

Specialist Hospitality and Retail EPOS Software for iPads

Using iPad EPOS hardware will make your point-of-sale system cost effective and portable; implementing our specialist hopistality and retail EPOS software will make your small or medium business more capable, efficient and ultimately more profitable!

Our iPad EPOS software is a complete point-of-sale sales solution for your single café, whole chain of restaurants or boutique shop. It can be scaled from one device, to multiple devices, all with a simple to use system. The single piece of software acts as your front of house POS interface and back office system, providing inventory management, live reporting, staff monitoring and more.

It's also fully cloud based. As a business owner you can access the software anywhere in the world, from an iPad or any device with a web browser. Need to check sales reports, staff check-in/out or update stock levels? No problem. If you're a mobile street food vendor and don't have a WiFi connection, no problem. It has a full offline mode! At the end of the day simply connect to your WiFi and the system will sync to the cloud. Data 3G/4G enabled iPad? You can be truly portable and use our EPOS software anyway. Did we mention it starts from just £29 per Month 

Our iPad EPOS Software features...

From just £29/month you can have a fully functioning, iPad point-of-sale sales system that is all your business needs...

Till System

iPad EPOS Usability
iPad EPOS Table Management
iPad EPOS Wastage

Fast Usability

Table Management

Inventory & Wastage

Our iPad EPOS software is fast and intuitive. Very little training is required to get your staff up and running. Without complicate keyboards and shortcuts, each action is made using the touch screen. You can customise the interface to suit your business, including images and products.
Table management not only provides a great way of handling bookings without a trace of human error but it can also help you capture important data such as cancellation rates, optimise your seating cover and effectively plan staffing levels every day. Customising the layout is simple.
If you are finding there is a lost of wastage, you can easily track this within the iPad software. Keep a track of what is selling and what isn't, to ensure you can manage your inventory. Every action is tracked using an employee unique ID, so you can see who is marking waste and when.
iPad EPOS User Access
iPad EPOS Clock In/Out
iPad EPOS Discounts and Promotions

User Access

Clock In/Out

Discounts & Promotions

Whant to know your best performing employees? No problem. Track every sale with its own unique ID and receipt number. With the indepth sales history you will be able to track every order a member of staff has placed through the application including voids, discounts, no sales and bookings.
Our iPad EPOS software has a full clock in/out feature. You can easily manage timesheets and keep a track of staff work rate using the software. This means you do not need paper sheets in the office. It is all controlled in the till system. And then reported on in the back office system!
Everyone loves a discount and with our iPad point-of-sale your business needs to be no different. Whether it is staff discount, a Friday 50% off deal or BOGOF you can preset discounts in the back office and your staff will be immediately presented with the options, specific to their ID.

Cloud based iPad EPOS Software

Our iPad EPOS Software is completely cloud based. This means you can manage your point-of-sale system and your back office from anywhere in the world. If you're on holiday and need to check sales, staff clock in/out or your stock levels. No problem!

Back Office System

EPOS Software Advanced Reporting
EPOS Software Product Management
EPOS Software Stock Management

Sales Reporting

Product Management

Stock Management

Why not take advantage of our advanced reports module? Our iPad EPOS software system analytics enables you to keep a close eye on your inventory and track sales in real-time and historically. You can monitor your wasted products with our waste report. Make decisions with instant data!
Whether you have a small coffee shop range to extensive gift boutique products, our back office system can handle 1000's of products, all with variations. Want to offer a meal with a choice of sides? No problem. You can even add images that will display on each POS iPad you have.
The stock or inventory management allows you to keep track of your inventory levels any time, any where. This means that in real-time you can determine what stock you require, down to ingredient levels. Had a busy weekend? Plan your orders for delivery first thing for the new week!
EPOS Software Staff Reporting
EPOS Software Customer Management
EPOS Software Multi-Outlet System

Staff Reporting

Customer Management

Multi-Outlet System

The True POS software will make shift management and payroll a whole lot easier. With the iPad sales interface tracking clock in/out and sales via a unique employee ID, you can easily view reports for individuals and teams. Ideal for rewarding your high performing members of the team!
Where would your business be without your customers? Easily manage each registered customer in the back office system. Whether its exclusive discounts, marketing messages or understanding their days, you can ensure what you offer them is specific to what they want. And when!
Run a chain of restaurants or cafés? Want to manage each one individually? This isn't an issue with our specialist hospitality point-of-sale software. Easily manage staff, stock and sales for each outlet with our fully scalable system. What's more, you can compare each outlet to see which is performing best!