iPad EPOS Hardware

Affordable & streamlined hardware solutions for iPad point-of-sale till systems...

iPads are one of the most common technology devices used in business and the home. At True POS Ltd we saw no reason why the iPad tablet couldn't be used in EPOS systems; but the hardware doesn't just stop at the iPad. From receipt printers, cash drawers, card terminals and even kitchen printers, we can supply complete hardware solutions for your EPOS system.

With the software running on iOS you know what you're signing up for with the Apple iPad; sturdy, maintainable and simple to use. An added sense of reliability that you wouldn't usually get with other EPOS hardware on the market. We offer a unique variety of accessories which can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Why iPad POS Hardware?



Our iPad EPOS systems are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Not only does our hardware provide high quality and simple performance, it also looks professional and modern in your restaurant, café or shop.​ Plus it's super portable!
We have handpicked a variety of stylish and reliable iPad point-of-sale hardware solutions. Along with the iPad itself , we provide everything you'll need for streamlining your customer service, from thermal printers to chip & pin and contactless card readers.



The EPOS systems we use are completely wireless, utilising your existing WiFi network. All printers and other hardware products use Bluetooth. This provides really simple installation with no untidy cables. All you need is a power outlet!
Chip & Pin and Contactless EPOS integrations with iZettle (and other leading payment hardware) allows faster and trackable transactions within our EPOS Hardware. What's more, we can integrate bar and kitchen printers, plus barcade scanners!

Our range of iPad Till System Hardware...

EPOS Thermal Printer
iZettle EPOS Card Terminal
POS Cash Drawer


Chip & Pin Terminals

Cash Drawers

We can combine your iPad EPOS System with fully wireless, Bluetooth enable thermal printers. Whether you require one at your till to a bar printer, kitchen printer and multi-station printer, our thermal printers are suitable for any hospitality or retail environment.
With the rise of Contactless payments your customers will expect this payment option. Our leading card terminals are safe and secure. Located at your point-of-sale or handheld, they can be used anywhere. What's more our iPad EPOS software  can even split the table bill per item!
We can supply a vast range of stylish and automated cash drawers. Combined with iPad stands, our POS solutions not only look modern but just like a traditional till system! And at a fraction of the cost with the iPad portable flexibility, they're the ideal hospitality solution!
iZettle EPOS Card Terminal
iZettle EPOS Card Terminal

iPad Stands

And more...

Just because it is an iPad it doesn't mean it has to be laying on the counter. Our iPad EPOS Systems come with a stand that is both stylish, secure and flexible. And in a variety of colours, they'll match your point-of-sale branding and hospitality or retail environment.
Just about any traditional till or point-of-sale system equipment is available for the iPad POS system. Whether you require a barcode scanner, weighing scales, customer display screens or even table ordering devices, we can supply any hardware element as part of your EPOS package.

iSAPPOS iPad Stands

True POS Ltd are official stockists of the new iSAPPOS iPad POS Stands. These revolutionary iPad EPOS stands provide the ultimate in flexibility for a range of retail and restaurant environments.

With various models available, the iSAPPOS iPad stands have detachable iPad enclosures, so that your EPOS tablet can be used for mobile ordering, such as at a restaurant table and then be taken back to the main bar and point-of-sale area. This is particularly useful if you have a retail environment where you walk with your customers around the store.

The stands can be taken one step further with Model-C, an all-in-one self-service iPad EPOS stand with in-built printer. Ideal of fast food outlets and restaurant chains where the customer can order and pay for their own food.

True POS Ltd recommends the iSAPPOS Model A / A+ which is your ideal choice when it comes to iPad POS stands. It is a cost effective solution which includes a chargeable and detachable iPad enclosure for mobility and a undock mechanism using Apple's Touch ID Technology, plus it has a flip-over design which allows customer interaction.

Interested in the iSAPPOS iPad stands? Contact us today to discuss your requirements and our range of solutions.
  1. iSAPPOS Model A iPad Stand Customer View
  2. iSAPPOS Model A iPad Stand Detachable
  3. iSAPPOS Model A iPad Stand Side View
  4. iSAPPOS Model C iPad Customer View
  5. iSAPPOS Model C iPad Stand Side View
  6. iSAPPOS Model C iPad Stand Detachable